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Table for Two: Q and A

Here is a Q and A for readers of TABLE FOR TWO by Amor Towels. “As a novelist, I’m a planner. I will spend several years laying out exactly what is going to happen in one of my books before I begin writing.”
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The Lincoln Highway: Q and A

When I finish writing a novel, I find myself wanting to head in a new direction. That’s why after writing Rules of Civility—which describes a year in the life of a young woman about to climb New York’s socioeconomic ladder—I was eager to write A Gentleman in Moscow—which describes three decades in the life of a Russian aristocrat who’s just lost everything. The Lincoln Highway allowed me to veer again in that the novel focuses on three eighteen-year-old boys on a journey in 1950s America that lasts only ten days.
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Rules of Civility: Q & A

Below are some answers to commonly asked questions about RULES OF CIVILITY. Commentary on the role of Walker Evans’s photography in the book is included here. Commentary on the role of jazz in the book is included here. If you have other questions or would like to be on my distribution list for rare news…
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A Gentleman in Moscow: Q & A

My interest in writing about the early twentieth century is neither a reflection of a love of history, nor a nostalgia for a bygone era. What has attracted me to the period is that it has a proximate distance to the present. It is near enough in time that it seems familiar to most readers, but far enough away that they have no firsthand knowledge of what actually happened. This provides me with the liberty to explore the narrow border between the unbelievably actual and the convincingly imagined.
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