Eve in Hollywood: A Novella, of Sorts

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When I finished writing RULES of CIVILITY in 2010, I had no artistic impulse to follow the lives of Katey or Tinker further – feeling that everything that I should have told my readers about their lives was already in the book. What I did find myself wondering was what happened to Eve? To answer that question, I wrote a series of six interlinked short stories called EVE IN HOLLYWOOD, which is available for purchase on a limited basis.

Fans of RULES and A GENTLEMAN IN MOSCOW should be forewarned that these stories will not offer the same satisfactions as those novels. By definition and design they are more elliptical. What they do offer is a glimpse into my process. In these stories, hopefully, you will see how I begin to develop elements of time and place, character psychology, and narrative tone.

If interested, you may obtain a printed, bound and signed copy of EVE IN HOLLYWOOD by contacting one of my local independent booksellers in New York City: Shakespeare & Co. You can order the book from them either online (see the link below) or by calling the store at (212)772-3400.