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A Glimpse of Stocking

In recent summers, my father has come to Manhattan so we can dine at the bar of the Union Square Café, go to a show, and wrap it up with a nightcap. This year, he suggested we see Anything Goes, the Cole Porter revival currently playing on Broadway. It was a reunion of sorts. When I was ten, our babysitter Mary Fallon turned on the rarely used kitchen radio to a rock & roll station, and it was never turned…

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One for My Baby It’s quarter to three There’s no one in the place except you and me So set em up Joe I got a little story, you oughtta know… Around 1947, Frank Sinatra first performed his doleful wonder One for My Baby, a 28 line one-way conversation between a man and his bartender when everyone else has left the bar. This brief interaction in the nether-hour of Closing Time is not simply a setup…

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