You Have Arrived at Your Destination: a short story

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In 2018, I was approached by best-selling science-fiction writer Blake Crouch who had been asked by Amazon to originate an anthology of six new futuristic short stories. Having secured the participation of Andrew Weir (The Martian), Paul Tremblay (The Cabin at the End of the World), Veronica Roth (Divergent) and NK Jemisin (the Broken Earth trilogy), Blake reached out to see if I would be interested in participating. The first author I read systematically as a young teenager was the great American science fiction writer, Ray Bradbury, so I immediately said yes. While my story — You Have Arrived at Your Destination — is set in the future, it is set about five minutes in the future…
The six stories were published by Amazon in September 2019 as ebooks for the Kindle and as audio stories through Audible (my story is narrated by David Harbour of Stranger Things). Amazon Prime customers get the stories for free. You can access the story here. I hope to make the story available in print at some point in the future.